Armin Schwartzman


Curriculum vitae

Biostatistics / Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute

University of California, San Diego


Prospective students:
I am sympathetic to students looking for projects, but do not have the capacity to take on students outside UCSD, even if self-funded. If you are seriously interested in working with me, please apply to one of our BS/MS/PhD programs in Biostatistics or Data Science. Note, however, that all admissions are decided centrally by a formal selection process.

Prospective postdocs:
Due to capacity limitations, I may only take postdocs if a position is open. Please check in the Posts page if a position is advertised.

For those interested in working with me or already working with me, I like to have an open and engaged mentoring style, sometimes more hands on and sometimes more hands off. Some skills and attitudes are important. I expect members of my group to:
  • Know how to do math: probability, statistics, linear algebra, perform derivations and formal proofs
  • Know how to read: search literature, read papers in the field
  • Know how to write: clearly and succinctly, with enough detail but not verbose, with correct English grammar
  • Know how to program: in R, Python and/or Matlab
  • Know how to speak: give articulate presentations, focusing on the important messages, with enough detail but not too long
  • Produce good graphics: plots and illustrative figures that convey compelling messages, with proper labels
  • Be independent: take ownership of the work
  • Be organized: track the tasks completed and the follow-up steps, be diligent to summarize progress in written form
  • Be committed: be excited about the work, make substantial progress every week, put in your best effort
  • Be curious: ask questions!


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